Is it possible to install a cubepool inside of the ground?

Yes, it’s possible. Please get in touch with us If you’re interested to have your pool dug into the ground as it will be necessary to make some changes in their design.

Is it possible to use cubepools during winter?

It’s not recommended to use our pools during winter months. If the outside temperature gets below 0*C, it’s necessary to remove all water from the pool to avoid damaging the installation.

Do you need to build foundations underneath the pool?

No, the pools may be placed on concrete blocks.

Is it possible to make additional changes to existing products, i.e. add water heating to Cubepool Comfort?

Yes, please get in touch directly to discuss all necessary changes.

Can cubepools be installed any time of the year?

Yes, cubepools can be installed during any time of the year. We do not recommend using them in winter, when the temperatures can drop below 0*C.

I’d like to order a cubepool with a different colour finish than available in your packages, is it possible?

Yes, please get in touch directly to discuss all changes.

Frequently asked questions