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Each cubepool will provide you with an unforgettable leisure experience. Apart from their exceptional design, Cubepools also feature:

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unique finish designs

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wide possibilities of personalization

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quick setup without construction works

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made from recycled materials

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mobility - the pool can move with you!



Cubepool comfort is a perfect solution for those who want to enjoy owning a pool without any construction works needed!


High quality


Comfort and safety


Filtration system


Checker plate decking


Cleaning kit included

Why Cubepool Comfort is right for you?

it’s unique, industrial design in one of out specially designed finishes, will fit both in a small garden and in a bigger space. It’s carefully crafted details made from stainless steel will guarantee a long lasting looks of it's stunning design.

Also, by personalizing additions and finishes, you can design a pool that suits you perfectly!

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Cubepool Premium is a great combination of comfort, pleasure and unique design. Thanks to the water heating system and internal lights, fun of using the pool isn’t limited by the time of day and the great comfort is available even during slightly colder months!


Internal lights


Heat pump

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Filtration system

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Active filter bed


Thermal isolation

Why Cubepool Premium is right  

for you?

Apart from water heating system and internal lights, Cubepool Premium also features a thermal isolation system, which reduces heat loss. An active filter bed improves the quality of water.


Thanks to that, Cubepool Premium is a uniquely designed product that is also available in many finishes - find out today how much fun you can have with a new pool!

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Cubepool Sport & Spa is a perfect product for the most demanding customers. Thanks to a regulated flow system, you get a sports pool with counterflow that can turn into a spa with hydromassage in a matter of seconds.


Jet swim

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Heat pump

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Thermal isolation system

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Active filter bed

Why Cubepool Sport&Spa is right 

for you?

Cubepool Sport&Spa features a jet swim system. With a flip of a switch you can move to a professional swimming world.


Apart from the regulated flow system, Cubepool Sport & Spa has all the features of Cubepool Premium. With Cubepool Sport & Spa you can enjoy the full Cubepool Experience!